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Hema HX-1:  $599 with free Sun Visor and Map Book.

*Strictly while stocks last.

The new Hema HX-1 is the ultimate on and off road adventure tool.
Load up the Off Road mapping on the unit, for when you’re out in the bush with no roads in sight, or simply set up bread crumbs if you’re wanting to set off with no set destination. When you get back to civilisation, simply switch over to the on road mapping to keep you guided through the busy city streets!

For a limited time only, Free DB is giving every customer who purchases one of the new HX-1’s from us a free sun visor and free 4wd Adventures book, this is the ultimate Hema package. Don’t get lost in your travels, get in contact with us today to order your Hema.

Road-Eye RE350: Stealth Front and Rear Drive Recorder.
$599 + installation.

Drive recorders have evolved beyond your simple crash cams, and developed into more of a security system for your vehicle, and the RoadEye RE-350 is the perfect example of this.
With it’s sleek compact cameras, both the front and rear of your vehicle are covered, and the built in voltage sense means that your car can record 24/7, even if it’s not turned on. The RoadEye uses an external “black box” style recorder, so if the worst does happen and your drive recorder is grabbed from the car, you can still access your files from the SD card, which is hidden securely inside the vehicle.

HD recording front and rear, built in voltage sensors, and a 32GB SD card pre-loaded in the recorder, the RE-350 will have your vehicle covered and secure. Get in contact with us now to book your installation.

Whistler Pro-78GXi: Radar Detector with GPS.
Now just $399.

Your drivers license is something that almost everybody needs in their day to day life, so why risk getting fines that could lead to you not being able to drive?

The new Whistler radar and laser detectors will give you warning of any speed camera, hand held radar, or vehicle mounted camera that may detect your speed. With the built in GPS receiver, combined with the Australian database of red light cameras and fixed speed cameras, you will also get prior warning to any hot spots of fixed traps you may encounter. The best part of it all? They’re legal here in Western Australia!

Contact us today for more information, limited time only while stocks last.